Rancho La cienega


Projection for 2019 Season:

Season's beginning: March 24th. 

Season's ending:       May 26th.



The Ranch owner ask to the biologists for the number of birds he need to be harvested in a specific season . The biologists make the field research and they make the reports for the government, then, the office for the Natural Resources (SEMARNAT), authorizes or not the tags (CINTILLO) to the ranch owner to be harvested, making this way legal the trophy. All happens if there are enough Gould`s populations to be harvested inside the zone has been studied and determined without any risk for the specie. MEXICAN LAWS PERMITS TO A NO MEXICAN PEOPLE TO HUNT IN MEXICO ONLY INSIDE A RANCH THAT HAS BEEN NAMED AS "UMA" (Unidad de Manejo Ambiental or Sustainable Management Unit) AND YOU, AS A FOREIGN PEOPLE, ARE ABLE TO HUNT IF YOU COMPLETE some CONDITIONS:

                        1.- To have been signed a contract with the "UMA" representative.

                             2.- During the hunt, the foreign hunter must carry with him his passport and a copy.

                             3.- As a hunter you must be sure you are going to hunt inside the UMA's authorized polygon.ons (it's law).

 Note: This sub-specie don't need CITES authorization, then the tag, the contract and the US form are sufficient to export from Mexico your trophy.



Tags ask to be permitted by the Environmental Authorities: 35

Hunters: Bookings are now open check our available dates .


Turkeys to be harvested:  20